Shur-Clad composite rolls consist of SinterMet’s next generation high wear-resistant SVCR-9 powder metallurgy tool steel surface bonded to a high strength, corrosion-resistant alloy steel shaft. Shur-Clad is specially heat-treated to exact specifications to ensure optimum toughness, outperforming cast iron by a factor of four to six times. Unlike the conventional cast process, Shur-Clad’s unique powder metallurgy process makes it possible to manufacture steel with very high alloy content. This process eliminates alloy element (carbide) segregation by rapidly solidifying powder particles of uniform chemistry. Additionally, advanced hot isostatic pressing at high pressures makes it possible for solid densification to eliminate non-uniform precipitation or massive growth of alloy carbides. Shur-Clad’s next generation SVCR-9 is superior to conventional steels because of its high alloyed composition, small (1-3 µm) and uniformly distributed carbides such as VC (Vanadium Carbide) and fine grain size of the matrix. Shur-Clad can withstand minimum speeds of 3-5m/sec and has no maximum speed threshold. 

Suited for intermediate stands of wire rod mills and intermediate and finishing stands for bar mills, Shur-Clad is applicable to the production of a variety of bar and rod shapes and sizes. 

Along with our proven technical support, competitive price and unmatched delivery, SinterMet’s unique migration path can take you from your existing cast iron to the high-performance Shur-Clad and ultimately to the optimum Shur-Lock composite rolls. This progression of engineered solutions can evolve with your mill, fit your specific applications and provide high value regardless of application.


- No mechanical locking system required
- Ultra strong metallurgical bonding to alloy steel shaft
- Same number of pass grooves and configuration as cast iron rolls
- More pass grooves than composite rolls with mechanical locking system
- Excellent wear resistance (4-6 times better than cast iron)
- Outstanding impact resistance
- Porosity-free material through advanced hot isostatic pressing
- Easy machinability
- Lower mill downtime
- Fast return on investment and cost savings
- Minimum speed threshold of 3-5m/sec
- No maximum speed threshold  


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